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What We Do

pciPyramid Contractors, Inc. began operations in April, 1994 as a bridge contractor. Areas of operation broadened over time and today Pyramid enjoys a reputation of exceptional quality of work in the industry and many times completing projects ahead of schedule and within budget.

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Storm Sewers

Pyramid has placed precast concrete storm drain pipe in many of our projects for storm water runoff from streets to natural bodies of water or absorption areas to avoid street flooding. View Storm Sewer Projects!

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Pyramid is capable of in many types of walls including noise/sound walls, mechanically stabilized earth (M.S.E.) walls and reataining walls. 

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Pyramid has constructed new roads and reconstructed or widened others. Pyramid has the equipment necessary for the project, and knowledgeable workforce to complete the projects. View Roadway/Highway Projects!

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Pyramid is capable and experienced in many types of structures including; the use of Architectural Form Liners, cast-in-place and pre-cast box culverts, bridges, Con-Span Bridge system and pedestrian bridges. Pyramid is also capable of structure demolition, which existing structure requires the coordinated effort of many different trades.

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Moving dirt is a necessary first step in construction, whether it is for drainage, paving, or structures. Pyramid owns a fleet of heavy equipment to prepare a site for its structure. Experienced operators are essential for successful site preparation. View Excavation Projects!

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Removing an existing structure requires the coordinated effort of many different trades. Pyramid has demolished bridges both during the day and over night, depending mainly on the location of the structure and traffic use of nearby roadways. Pyramid takes extra precautions so that clean up and removal of debris is completed in a timely fashion. View Demolition Projects!

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