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A $13.6 million contract was awarded in May 2012 to Pyramid to replace deteriorated sections of a wall that supports Route 169's northbound lanes; fix bridges that support the southbound lanes; repair guard rail and barrier; and replace drainage between the northbound and southbound lanes, which will resolve the highway's problems for the long term.

Nearly 60 years ago, northbound Route 169 along the east bank of the Missouri River was a city road to the Downtown Airport. However, a solid road built on a levee made of dirt and sand presented challenges. The loose material must be kept in place so that the pavement remains solid and does not break apart.

A "bin wall" 12 feet high in some places was built to keep the underlying base in place and support the road. The bin wall is made up of corrugated steel panels. MoDOT took over this road in 1994, and in the last decade, those steel panels had rusted out enough that replacement is now necessary.

The removal and replacement of about a mile of bin wall holding up the east side of the northbound lanes, the repair and rehabilitation of the southbound lanes, and drainage improvements were performed in an unusually restricted area that has an active rail yard on the east and the Missouri River on the west.

Construction was completed 10/31/2012 several weeks ahead of the scehduled 12/16/2012 deadline.


awardIn early July of 2010 during a routine inspection by MoDOT engineers damage was discovered from a settlement causing a wall to fail and the road to collapse on westbound I-470 near the interchange to westbound I-435. This made it necessary for MoDOT to immediately close the roadway.

Traffic was reouted north on both I-435 and US 71 Highway. The collapsed portion of the highway consisted of 5 lanes and handled 60,000 vehicles per day. MoDOT accelerated the design and construction process to reduce extensive delays and detours. On July 22, just 14 days after the highway closed, MoDOT awarded a $6.7 million contract to Pyramid Contractors, Inc. to repair the damaged highway with a contract wrap-up date of September 30. 

HNTB Corp of Kansas City, MO provided the design for the repairs on a design-build format which allowed Pyramid to start work immediately. The contract called for removal of fill material, old pavement and walls in the collapse area and constructing of a 222 ft bridge extension. 

The highway was reopened to traffic on August 27, 2010. In the end 20,000 man-hours were expended to complete the proect ahead of schedule.

Great Plains Chapter I.C.R.I.
Repair Project Award Winner
Special Projects Category
MoDot West Bound Emergency Repair

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awardThe new 127th St. overpass over I-35 and the BNSF train tracks in Olathe officially opened on Thursday, Dec. 21, 2006. Pyramid was the prime contractor on the job, and Pyramid's president, Gavin Barmby, was singled out for praise by Olathe Mayor Mike Copeland for getting the project done not only on budget and 11 months ahead of schedule. O'Donnell and Sons Construction; Hayes Drilling; Beemer Construction Co.; and Gun-Ko Traffic Control were all major subs, and a number other Heavy Constructor Association members also worked on the project. 

The overpass has helped relieve traffic congestion on Santa Fe and 119th Street. During the design phase of the proect, the City of Olathe says studies indicate the new overpass will reduce east/west travel times by 10 minutes for all drivers in Olathe.

APWA  2007apwaPOTY

APWA KC Metro Chapter
2007 Public Works Project of the Year
for Transportation - $10 to $100 Million

The 1.8 mile I-470 at 350 Highway project included grading, alternate bid pavement, and bridges (both on outside of cloverleaf) from Pryor Road to Douglas Street in Jackson County, Lee's Summit, Missouri.

awardThe widening of 159th Street involved the improvements from the existing two lane to a four-lane divided roadway from Antioch to Metcalf.  Included in this project were new storm sewers, turn lanes, curb and gutter, street lighting, raised median, sidewalks and bridges over U.S. 69 Highway. 

Construction of the interchange with access to U.S. 69 Highway was not included in this project. However, this project was designed for future construction of the ramps when funding becomes available.

Pyramid completed this project in August 2012  and was named as the recipient of the Concrete Promotional Group 2012 Excellence in Concrete Awards - Bridge.

cpg-logo Recipient of the Concrete Promotional Group 2012 Excellence in Concrete Awards - Bridge.

awardThe replacement of the functionally obsolete Mission Road bridge over Rock Creek had been a priority for the City of Fairway, Kansas since the flood of 1998. The cost of the project had kept it only as a priority until the FHWA introduced the SATETEA-LU fund in 2005. Senator Pat Roberts helped secure 1 million dollars from the program to help fund the project. 

Through the efforts of the City of Fairway, Shafer, Kline & Warren, Inc., Johnson Cunty Public Works, Senator Pat Roberts and Pyramid Contractors, Inc., the new Mission Road bridge was reopened in December 2008. The bridge was completed on schedule with an opening ceremony held December 10, 2008.

The project removed four homes from the 100-year floodplain, and has allowed for safe travel on a major road during a 1% storm. Besides the brige the project inlcuded roadway grading and pavement, sidewalks, storm and sanitary sewer relocations, utility relocations, creek channel expansion and grading, erosion control measures and vegetation restoration of native grasses, wildflowers and shade trees. 

Pyramid Contractors, Inc. a heavy contractor and member of the Associated General Contractors of America since 1994, recognized early in the bid process the unique opportunity this project offered. Pyramid specializes in constructing haunch slab bridges and takes priding in building structures which exceed standard function by enhancing and beautifying the neighborhoods. Years of experience in designing and constructing the falsework for haunched slab bridges was a valuable asset for this project.

The curved alignment and variable width roadway presented unique challenges. By designing their own falsework plans, Pyramid was able to maintain constant communication between the field and the office allowing them to make adjustments and maintain production. In addition to the bridge, Pyramid removed the existing structure, performed excavation and site grading, installed the storm sewer system and the articulating block concrete erosion control and managed subcontractors for the other aspects of the project. 


2009 Public Works Project of the Year
for Transportation - $5 to $25 Million.

awardA two-lane modern roundabout, serving traffic from the adjacent Overland Park Convention Center, was constructed to provide intersection control at the intersection of 110th Street and Lamar Avenue, which is the intersection of a collector and a commercial street. The inscribed circle diameter is 197 ft and consists of two 15 ft-6 in circulating lanes. The central island has a diameter of 131 ft.

2003 Public Works Project of the Year
for Transportation - less than $2 Million.
2002 Excellence ACPA
National Finalist for
Excellence in Concrete Pavement


awardPryor Road, named after former prominent Lee's Summit businessman J.J. Pryor, was a two-lane roadway with only one bridge over Cedar Creek, which had been closed for more than 10 years because of its deteriorating condition. Today that narrow, older, road has been replaced by a new, wider, smooth surface, three-lane roadway with new bridges over both Cedar Creek and the Rock Island Railroad right-of-way.

Additionally, there are ornamental railings, decorative lighting, and a stone-like facade. The Pryor Road improvements were funded in large part by the SummitWoods TIF as well as the 1997 voter-approved sales and excise tax that funded the original 10-Year Road Plan. In fact, this was one of the last of the projects on the original 10-Year Road Plan. The design engineer for the project was BWR and the contractor was Pyramid Contractors, Inc.

Winner of the Concrete Promotional Group
2009 Excellence in Concrete Awards, Bridge.