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Pyramid is capable and experienced in many types of structures including; the use of Architectural Form Liners, cast-in-place and pre-cast box culverts, bridges, Con-Span Bridge system and pedestrian bridges. Pyramid is also capable of structure demolition, which existing structure requires the coordinated effort of many different trades.

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Box Culverts

Pyramid has constructed cast-in-place and pre-cast box culverts. Box culverts are used to channel stormwater or sewage crossing under a road or embankment, or a part of a roadway or embankment that passes over such a sewer or drain.

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Architectural Form Liners

Pyramid frequently uses Architectural Form Liners. Form Liners are used in a range of grades for texturing cast-in-place concrete. Once the concrete is cured, the forms are stripped leaving an architectural concrete finish. Pyramid usually paints the concrete which will give an appearance of native limestone, common to this area.

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Bridge Construction

Pyramid has built many bridges in the Kansas City metro area. We are qualified to construct falsework or concrete girder bridges/overpasses which pass over interstates, highways, creeks, rivers and railroads.  View Bridge Projects!

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Pyramid has worked with the Con-Span Bridge system for roadway underpass/overpass. The Con-Span system is a modular precast system for set-in-place construction. Installation is completed with the use of a crane and can be completed in one day. This type of system offers advantages over other solutions including lower cost, high quality precast concrete, attractive appearance as well as the strength of arch action.

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Removing an existing structure requires the coordinated effort of many different trades. Pyramid has demolished bridges both during the day and over night, depending mainly on the location of the structure and traffic use of nearby roadways. Pyramid takes extra precautions so that clean up and removal of debris is completed in a timely fashion. View Demolition Projects!

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Pedestrian Bridge

Pyramid has placed several pedestrian bridges. This type of project will usually involve removal of the old bridge as one-piece, and replacing it with the new bridge, also as one-piece.

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