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Pyramid is capable of in many types of walls including noise/sound walls, mechanically stabilized earth (M.S.E.) walls and reataining walls. 

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Retaining walls are used to hold back soil or rock from a structure or area. Retaining walls prevent downslope movement or erosion and provide support for vertical or near-vertical grade changes. Walls are usually constructed of masonry, stone, brick or concrete. View Retaining Wall Projects!

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Pyramid builds M.S.E. (Mechanically Stabilized Earth) walls, which consist of a facing element combined with horizontal soil reinforcement to retain backfilled and compacted soil. M.S.E. walls may be constructed as a cost-effective alternative to gravity wall structures and are ideal where steeper slopes are desirable, as with bridge abutments and wing-walls. View Retaining Wall Projects!

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Pyramid has begun erecting an increasing number of Noise/Sound walls. These sound barriers effectively minimize and reduce the effects to neighborhoods close or adjacent to interstates and highways.

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