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Route 169 (Broadway Extension) Wall Replacement

A $13.6 million contract was awarded in May 2012 to Pyramid to replace deteriorated sections of a wall that supports Route 169's northbound lanes; fix bridges that support the southbound lanes; repair guard rail and barrier; and replace drainage between the northbound and southbound lanes, which will resolve the highway's problems for the long term.

Nearly 60 years ago, northbound Route 169 along the east bank of the Missouri River was a city road to the Downtown Airport. However, a solid road built on a levee made of dirt and sand presented challenges. The loose material must be kept in place so that the pavement remains solid and does not break apart.

A "bin wall" 12 feet high in some places was built to keep the underlying base in place and support the road. The bin wall is made up of corrugated steel panels. MoDOT took over this road in 1994, and in the last decade, those steel panels had rusted out enough that replacement is now necessary.

The removal and replacement of about a mile of bin wall holding up the east side of the northbound lanes, the repair and rehabilitation of the southbound lanes, and drainage improvements were performed in an unusually restricted area that has an active rail yard on the east and the Missouri River on the west.

Construction was completed 10/31/2012 several weeks ahead of the scehduled 12/16/2012 deadline.